Case Family in Hong Kong

Case Miscellaneous – July 2017

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Photos from Mel and my night at Ovolo, milkshakes on Uncle Eric, Javi get’s an award.

Hellen & Ethan Graduate Kindergarten

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Photos from Hellen and Ethan’s graduation ceremony and playing with the train exhibit afterwards.

Baby Koa James – 9 to 10 months

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After being in the hospital for 5 nights last month unable to get over the flu on his own, Koa has been doing much better.  He’s growing and getting stronger every day and always a very happy baby, we love him so much!

Case Kids Do Sidewalk Chalk – June 2017

Mel broke out the sidewalk chalk for the kids, they had a blast after they got over their concern it would be graffiti and they could get in trouble (its washable!).

Case Miscellaneous – May & June 2017

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Photos from May and June, ice cream with Patricia and Josh, Hellen rollerblading, kid’s at the Apple Store, some of the kids at the Cyberport podium and one of Ezri’s soccer awards day.

Cora and Luna Visit – June 2017

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We babysitted for Jean a few weeks back and had 8 kids in the house all day Saturday!!!  We put up the kid’s pool on the rooftop and watched movies all day.  The kids had a blast, doughnuts for breakfast and ice cream for lunch, what a life!

Cases’ Weekend – May 2017

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Busy weekend for the Cases, dinner and dessert at the Japanese restaraunt in Yau Ma Tei, Saturday we went to a Panto-Mime put on by the Downs Syndrome Association at Grappa’s to introduce the kids to our new community :-). Koa got to meet some of the kids after the show.  Afterwards I took the kids to the HK Zoo and then the Aviary at HK Park.

Case Family Photos by Speedycat Studios

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Our friends over at Speedycat gifted us a few hours of studio time to take some family photos.  It was a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for Mel and the Grandmas.  I was happy that I was able to get a headshot for my LinkedIn profile and Mel was thrilled we got a family photo and some photos of Koa.  Best of all we were able to take some edited photos home with us because they really are speedy!!!  Amy and Gary, thanks so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness!  If you’re in HK and seeking a family friendly studio that works fast, give Speedycat a try and let them know Mel and Jay sent you.

Case Miscellaneous – Mel’s Photos, April-May 2017

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Lunch with Daddy; American Club Playroom & Lunch with the Tsui Family

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Ezri and Javi were off school on Tuesday so they came down with me for lunch – we had Taiwanese dim sum.  Wednesday was Buddha’s birthday and we were invited to the American Club to enjoy the playroom and have lunch with the Tsui Family.  Thanks for the invite Ed, the kids had a blast!!!