Case Family in Hong Kong

Mel’s Miscellaneous – May 2018

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Mel & I went to the HK Cheesecake Factory for our 13th wedding anniversary; photos from Koa’s DSA play date; Hellen’s friend Haylia and Sai Lo (little brother) come over for a play date and Hellen has her first sleep over guest; George goes fishing in the village creek.



Buddha’s Birthday at Tong Fuk Village – Cheung Sha Beach

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Last Tuesday was a public holiday in Hong Kong for Buddha’s Birthday. We went out to an AirBnB at Tong Fuk Village Monday night that was quite rustic but sufficient for our needs and then went over to the beach on Tuesday.  It was hot but we got a couple umbrellas and spent most the day in the water.

Case Miscellaneous – May 2018 (3)

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Third post this month of various photos from our everyday lives!  Found an enjoyed a Taiwanese restaraunt in our Neighborhood called Foody.  Photo with Frank at Kabo Burger in Kwai Hing (yum)j, me and Ez at J.Co, Pappy gets his custom made shirt Mel sent him, Mel with other parents at the DSA lunch at Cafe 8, Javi, Koa and Mel at Vietlime in TKO, a few photos from Mothers Day at Watermark, Ethan’s night in the hospital (concussion) and Dash heading over to Penfold Park.

George’s Disney Grad Day – 2018 (2 of 2)

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The best part of the Disney Grad Day is that after the business of taking photos with Mickey and Goofy in the morning, the kids get the rest of the day in the park with Mel.


George’s Disney Grad Day – 2018 (1 of 2)

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The Disney Grad Day is a rite of passage in the Case household.  George has been so patient watching Ezri, Javi and the Ethan and Hellen go to their Disney Grad Days with Mel.  Finally!  He got his chance.  These kids are growing so fast!!!

Ezri, Javi and Melanie do the Watermark Art Jam – May 12, 2018

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Watermark hosted and Art Jam at the Community Center a few weeks back.  Ezri, Javi & Melanie attended and had a great time crafting their works of art.  Ezri loves blue, Koa loves elephants and Javi loves all things Marvel!

San Po Kong Skate Park with the Little Cases

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While Ezri, Javi and Mel attended the WM Art Jam (tomorrow’s post) I spent the day with the little Cases.  First we got Ethan’s skateboard fixed, then stopped at J.Co for donuts then headed out to the San Po Kong Skate Park in Diamond Hill.  Kids had a great time!

Case Miscellaneous – May 2018 (2)

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Mommy – Georgie date; Ezri & Javi grubbin; G learns to ride a bike and photos from Georgie’s field day at school.

Koa’s Playgroup – Early May 2018

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Photos from Koa’s DSA playgroup this month.

Case Miscellaneous – Early May 2018

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Photos from early May; lunch with Andrew and Venetia, George’s field day at school, G’s sleeping spots, Jubilee Garden pool opens, ice cream at McD’s, Ezri’s soccer tournament, snack at J.Co and lunch at R&B.