Case Family in Hong Kong

Daily Grind in Hong Kong

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on September 28, 2007

Things I like about Hong Kong:

1.  Double decker buses, today we took our first ride up top, front row.  Ezri loved it.

2.  Always being able to wear sandals, just have to make sure the feet are not stinky.

3.  Random placement of bakeries everywhere.  (Mel’s like)

Things I don’t like about Hong Kong:

1.  Bones in meat, I’m going to end up breaking a tooth at some point, I know it.

2.  No high chairs or booster seats at any restaraunts.

So today we picked up my (Jason) Hong Kong ID in Kwun Tong.  We took a bus instead of the MTR so we could view a bit of the scenery in the city and it was beautiful, but we got lost once we got off the bus, so it ended up putting everyone in a bad mood.  Busses in HKFinally we waved down a taxi driver who dropped us off at the Registrar’s of Persons office and getting the ID took less than 10 minutes.  Then we went over to the island to pick up Melanie and Ezri’s visas, they’ve been here on a 90day tourist visa thus far, but will need a 1 year dependent visa to get their HKID (actually Ezri doesn’t need one).  The HKID seems to be a combination of the driver’s license and social security card in the states. The HKID is required of all residents here over 30 days.  Actually the trip to immigration wasn’t all that bad either and probably lasted less than an hour overall.  We capped the evening off with our first trip to Starbucks since we’ve been here, we all split a Green Tea Frappucino and Ezri got a taste, which she loved.  On the way back home I noted how odd that the drink from Starbucks costed more than I paid for my dinner, but didn’t seem to mind since it tasted better than our dinner.  Melanie also remarked about how nice it was that the Starbucks was exactly the same as all those at home, but when you’re in the states that one of the things that really gets in your nerves is that their all the same.  Well that’s all for today. Peace.


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