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A Full Day

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on October 10, 2007

Well, just to share a bit of our lives here with you, Ezri and I will detail yesterday’s day for you here.  We began the day at 6:00 am—that’s what time Ezri awakens to start each day–early riser!!  And of course got up, ate a bit and played for about 1 1/2 hrs.  Meanwhile, we put on a fresh pot of coffee…washed some dishes from the previous night’s dinner and swept the floors.  Being a beautiful, blue-skied, breezy day, we decided to go for a walk.  So, we got geared up and headed out for some adventure.  We walked all in all about one hour’s time—touring from our ‘village’ of Hang Hau to the village over, Po Lam.  We went through some parks and playgrounds….and these are a few things we saw on our journey:  people dressed in business suits hurrying to the bus terminal or the train; groups of men and women doing morning excercise–tai chi; workers in bread shops busily stocking the cases with fresh breads and goodies; women doing street clean-up in wide-brim straw hats, beginning a day’s work; a few runners and walkers here and there.  Really, it was most likely my favorite morning since we’ve arrived here in Hong Kong.  It was, I suppose, the fresh air, coupled with seeing lots of people…just a feel of vibrancy to the movements of the morning.  It was a nice blessing from our amazing creator, God!

We stopped at a local bakery/cake shop, Maxim’s for a couple of morning doughnut/pastries and then headed home.  Once we got to the flat, Jason joined us for breakfast and just a moment of family time.  We then commenced to get things together for a day-outing.  Ezri and I attend a play group in the downtown area of HK Island on Tuesday mornings around 10:00am.  We were off again–on a 30 minute train ride into the city (subway, that is).  The train ride was nice…we got a seat right off, so that is nice…then we met several people along the ride (as Ezri always does make friends).  One lady noted that I had trimmed her hair right around her ears and said, “Baby boy?”…I said, “No, baby girl.”  Then she gestured to the hair and was speaking to me in Chinese about (I think) how she looked boyish because of my cutting her hair in such a way…not being rude, just telling me. (Aside:  actually, that has been something quite interesting that has puzzled me ever since arrival here in HK.  It seems that people here do not “gender” children by the colors they wear–as we often do in the states (i.e. pink and purples for girls–and bows of course and blues and greens for boys, etc.) and so, you will see little boys with pink shorts and overalls…recently, I couldn’t tell if a 15 month-old whom we met was a boy or girl ….the hair was inconclusive b/c of age…the shirt was purple and pink…the shorts yellow…and the shoes were very ‘boyish’—who knows?!–and many people seem to think Ezri a boy even when I have her in something with bows on the sleeves, pink pacy, pink shoes…etc.–I think the hair is the ticket.)

Miscellaneous HK Pics:

Moving on……Once we arrived at Central MTR station, we got off and walked about 7 minutes to our destination.  There were 7 other mums and bubs (moms and babies) there, and it was a really nice time for me to talk with other women and for Ezri to play with the other 5 boys and 1 girl (the other girl is only 3 months, so Ezri is mostly learning to play with boys!)  Afterwards, two of the other mums asked us to coffee; we found that a splendid idea, and so, the 6 of us (3 moms, 3 babies headed to a nearby starbucks–yum!)  It was really great, b/c that is one of the things I’ve missed most–just hanging out with other women…grapping an impromtu coffee and such–a perfect midday moment!

After chatting and hanging out for about an hour–while the kids slept–Ezri and I headed home.  We visited daddy, who was studying downstairs in the clubhouse studyroom, played for a few minutes in the indoor playground, riding around on a pooh-bear airplane as if the pilot!, and came up for a nice american lunch of tuna salad sandwich, fresh squeezed lemonade, and ‘ants on a log’! (yummy).

The remainder of the afternoon into evening was spent playing (for Ezri) and one 30-minute nap.  She watched one of her favorite videos (Baby McDonald)–while I made a veggie and rice stew for Jason and myself–and then had peas and cheese for dinner…hopped in her favorite spot of the bath tub..splashed about and got cleaned up….got out and lotioned up and dressed for bed, played a bit more, and before long, she was heading to bed at around 7:30 pm.

Long day?…It continues.  Jason arrived home from class around 8:00pm and I had our dinner ready.  We supped and chatted about his coursework that he was pondering.  Afterwards, I cleaned up the table and dishes…and then decided to tackle cleaning under some cabinet areas in the kitchen (that I’d been neglecting).  When I was finishing this work, I walked into the bathroom…and what did I see other than a roach!!!! Huge!  I immediately screamed.  I ran out and said, “Please, kill it!!”…Jason was doing his school work and said, “Just grab something and kill it…come on.”  So, I grabbed a pot from the kitchen and a paper towel….not so sure about either, and went back in (to the bathroom, that is).  [It should be noted that I am a complete woose when it comes to both roaches and mice.  I will do what I have to do, but it someone else will do it in my stead, I’d much rather them do so!]  After attempting to kill it with the pot and scurried over to the shower wall!  I tried to slam it again, and it jumped out toward me just as I went in for the kill!!  I screamed pretty loud and sort of squeeled too, I think–as I jumped to place my feet on the side walls of the tub—so as not to be attacked by the beastly creature!  Then in stepped my night in shining armor, Jason, and took the sauce pan from me.  With a couple of agile tries, and after beating the roach 3 times (smashing him to a flatness) he was defeated!!!  Praise God for a husband who is much braver than I am!!!  ———-  Well, at this time, I had intended on going to bed, as it was already around 11:00pm; however, this roach incident woke me up a bit, so I commenced to sweep all the floors and then took a shower–the roach had left me feeling less than sanitary.  I finally ‘hit the sack’ just before the clock struck 1:00am.

 This is an example of a full day!  Mind you, every day of ours is not like this one.  Take today, for example.  Ezri and I have had a more-or-less laid back day…playing, eating, mopping floors, doing dishes, a trip to a local store (to purchase ‘roach motels’) and we are just now leaving to meet Jason for dinner. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about our day.  Let us know what your days are like….we’d welcome an entertaining story, or just the minutia of everyday life!

–Melanie for the Cases


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