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Just an update on us…

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on October 30, 2007

Hello, friends!

We just wanted to post a note here to keep you up to speed on us.  We are doing fairly well.  Jason is busy with school; Melanie is busy with Ezri; and Ezri is just plain busy!  She is into all things, all the time, but she’s doing fabulous.

We (Melanie & Ezri) went up north into the New Territories for sort of a day trip yesterday.  Where did we venture, you might ask…..answer:  Snoopy’s World! That’s right, you heard correctly, Hong Kong is home to several “Peanuts” character spots, including cafes with the characters sometimes visiting!  We took the subway and light-rail trains on about a 45 minute ride to meet a couple of other moms and babies who live in our general area of HK.  It was nice, and Ezri finally got to play with another girl her age–a rarity!

Other news….many of you received an update and prayer request on Javi this past week.  He had been placed in the hospital due to a respiratory infection and not eating good.  We are still awaiting new news on him and praying that he is gaining weight every day.  We did receive one other note from our case worker, saying that taking him to the hospital was more of a precautionary measure, to make certain that he did not get worse….so, hopefully that is accurate.

The weather here is trying to change (from hot to not-so-hot), it seems, but is reluctant.  It is a bit breezy and around 70 degrees F in the early morning and then into the 80s during the day, usually.  Really, the mornings have felt a bit ‘fallish’ over the past couple of days, so that is really nice.

Well, that’s a quick up-to-date on us.  We thank you for keeping tabs and please post or send a card or email and let us know how you and yours are doing.

–Melanie, for the Case family

Check out the below links to see Snoopy’s World, Charlie Brown Cafe, and “HK with Kids”–what to do website!  Enjoy!

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  1. Laura Roberts said, on October 30, 2007 at 9:44 pm

    YAY! Thanks for keeping the blog updated. It’s so fun to see and read about familiar things… quick question. Are the mom-and-baby playgroup folks expats or locals, or are they Amahs with their employers’ kids?

    Keep it up. I’m praying!

  2. casefamily said, on October 31, 2007 at 12:41 pm


    The others ‘mums’ that we met up at Snoopy’s World are expats—one from New Zealand, one from the states and one from Australia (who is asian aussie). It is a challenge, though, to meet actual moms (especially local Chinese moms) whith their kids during the weekday hours. I find Saturdays the best days to try to get out around our complex to meet real moms rather than domestic helpers. —- In short, I’ve tried to meet local moms and have met a few, but it’s a challenge. Keep that in your prayers; we’d like to forge relationships with local families 🙂

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