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Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on November 24, 2007

So, just to be quite honest, these past couple of weeks have us sort of bummed out.  I mean to say, we are all a bit over-stressed, home-sick, and asking ourselves, “Why on earth are we here again?” question.  So, that’s been us in a nutshell.  God is using this time as teaching opportunity, though..that’s for sure.  He is teaching us what it means to live more meagerly….how to give one another grace and mercy–repeatedly…patience…and complete reliance upon him.  So, this is all good. 

On the subject of Thanksgiving, we did not really celebrate.  We were thankful, but had a normal dinner of pork chops, tossed salad and baked potatoes—not the suculent meal of turkey and dressing that I’m sure most of our readers out there enjoyed.  That’s okay, really.  And, although Jason did not even realize it was Thanksgiving day until I mentioned it in the afternoon, I did miss celebrating.  Just over the past couple of years, it seems that Thanksgiving has become very special to me–a time of sharing stories and family activities and tradition together…of just being together and catching up…and of praising God and thanking him (perhaps more intentionally than at other times) for all he’s blessed us with.  I missed that fellowship.

Other upcoming events:  family visits.  Melanie’s parents will be visiting just 3 short days from now and will stay for 3 weeks; Jason’s mom and cousin will follow them (with a two week break in between visits) and stay for 2 weeks!  This is all very exciting, and, although we will be a bit squeezed in our 619 sq.ft. flat, it will be fantastic to be will family!  We hope that their time here will bring blessing to all involved; we know Ezri will love some extra people to play with and to love on her a bit.  She gets a bit bored with old mum and dad!

 Well, that is all for now….just wanted to keep the blog somewhat updated…even if we haven’t the most thrilling stories to share, this is what is going on with us.  Please keep Jason’s studies in your prayers.  He has a lot to do as the semester comes to a close.  Specifically, pray for a management research paper he is working on…and for 4 consumer psychology assignments…and a second research paper for sociology.  Also, your continued prayers for our son, Javi, would be fabulous.  We have no new news on him; just keep praying for his health and development…physically and emotionally…and for the adoption process to be smooth…and for the transition into our family.

 We love you guys, and thank you so much for journeying with us!  To our great friends…much loved family members…and the occasional innocent bystander who stumbles upon our blog perhaps by accident—-all are welcome!

–Melanie, for the Cases

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