Case Family in Hong Kong

Mom and Donna Arrive!!!

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on January 3, 2008

Well, we must have some very famous guests because our blog hits have skyrocketed the past few days!  My mother and her cousin Donna are visiting us for the next few weeks and I’d like to try to keep family back home (and anyone else interested) updated with our goings on.  The ladies arrived last night and we made the hour ride back in a cab (I snapped a few pics on the ride out to the airport).  Today we started out early with a 4 mile walk around our village.  Then we made it home, cleaned up, had lunch and headed downtown to apply for visas to the “real China” (I snapped a few pics of the line we encountered and the friend Ezri made while we were waiting).  We’re planning to head to Beijing, Wednesday thru Friday next week in a whirlwind trip to the Great Wall and Tiannamen Square, and hopefully a market or two.  We finished the visa applications in about half the time I expected so we decided to make a go of Victoria’s Peak, (I know we’ve covered that on this blog a few times, but hey every visitor should get to see that view, right?).  We ate dinner at Bubba Gumps (yes it’s tradition, and yes we spilled a water yet again – the third time on the third visit).  We went for some coffee after dinner and made our way out to the overlook to check the view at night.  It was very beautiful, but difficult to get a good shot (I’m including some anyway).   By this time the ladies were about finished (jet-lagged), being that they had stayed up all night – East Coast time, so we decided to head back.  We made it back it just before Ezri was about to reach the end of her rope.  All in all, a great and active first day.  We plan to have a restful day tomorrow, visiting some travel agencies to check out deals to Beijing, Mel & Donna are getting a full body massage and we might head out to school, then Sai Kung if we feel up to it.  Until tomorrow!



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  1. Laura said, on January 5, 2008 at 5:02 am

    It looks like everyone is having a good time. Mom, you are really missed. Anderboo sends his love and we are marking down the days until you come home.

    Granny went to her DR appointment and received gold stars some how.

    Will be staying with Dad this weekend to ring out hunting season in the shead. AH, the good life!

    Love you!

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