Case Family in Hong Kong

Up Close and Personal with Javier Case

Posted in JAVI's Highlights by jpcase01 on January 4, 2008

So Melanie’s best friend in Guatemala actually had an opportunity to make it out to Solola, the location of Javi’s orphanage.  Gratefully, she checked things out for us and gave the entire operation a resounding two thumbs up for the work they are doing in Guatemala.  Becca was also able to snap some pics for us.  We hear Javi is very laid back and cute as a button (see for yourself).  To our pleasant surprise he’s turning into a little chunk.  We’re also due an official monthly update and I’ll update the pics in the slideshow with those pics as soon as I receive them.  Today we decided on a restful day and hung out in Hang Hau, we took an early walk, scheduled our flight and hotel for Beijing and Donna and Melanie went for a massage.  Tomorrow we plan to head up to Sai Kung National Park for another hike.  I hope we have the same blessing as last trip.  Until tomorrow!



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