Case Family in Hong Kong

Hiking the MacLehose Trail

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on January 8, 2008

So yesterday we went hiking. We started at Pak Tam Au and hiked over to Ham Tim (beach) which is a little over 5 km and then we backtracked about 3 km and caught a boat to the pier where we picked up bus 94 back to Sai Kung. Last time we hiked the trail, we came across a cow about to have birth. This time we did not come across a cow, but we did run into a baboon (no joke, see pic). After envisioning myself staving off a baboon with a stick in one hand and Ezri in the other, needless to say I wasn’t sticking around to pet him. Besides the baboon, the trip went very smoothly, praise God. It was much less crowded than the weekends and we had a much better handle on time. Today we’re recovering from the hike and trying to finalize all the trip details to Beijing – visas, hotel, transportation. We haven’t decided if we are taking the laptop to Beijing or not, but even if we do, we probably won’t post much until we get back this weekend, we will take plenty of pics for you though! Until next time…



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