Case Family in Hong Kong

Trip to Beijing – Part 1

Posted in Tantalizing Travel by jpcase01 on January 10, 2008

I hope to post two updates detailing the 4 days of our trip.  As we first arrived it was cold!!! It was below 32F the entire time we were there.  Our taxi driver was at the airport waiting for us, thankfully, and took us to the hostel.  The first thing a visitor should learn about Beijing is that the taxis are very reasonable.  The ride to our hostel was about 30-45 minutes and only cost about $20 USD.  Trips to most places in the city are less than $5 USD.  We got settled into the hostel (Jade International Youth Hostel) about 2-3pm and then decided to walk over to Tiannamen and Forbidden City.  We got there just as it was closing (4pm).  We snapped some pics, mom & Donna got their first taste of the Beijing hawkers and we caught a taxi back to the hostel.  We had an Internet cafe at the hostel so we decided to conduct research ourselves as to a bus that rides out to the “Great Wall”.  We found out that bus 919 leaving every 5 minutes from Deshengman Bus Station rides out to Badaling, the most popular tourist destination.  Another big thing to know about Beijing is that noone speaks english so you need to have your front desk fill out the addresses of your destination for you, in potonghua so you can then present the card to the taxi drivers.  The trip was about an hour and a half out to Badaling and cost about 12 yuan a person ($1.50 USD).  Melanie did an excellent job of nursing Ezri to sleep on most our longer trips.  Badaling is in the hills, practically in the middle of nowhere, as we headed up to the entrance, what did we find but nothing other than good ole Starbucks, our little slice of Americana right that in the Chinese hills.  Mom, Donna & Melanie were able to hike to the highest point of the “Great Wall” in Badaling, check the pics.  Ezri and I decided to ride the Chinese bobsled back down to town (as did mom, Donna & Mel later).  Ezri got to see some Black bears, and absolutely did not want to leave them.  We hopped on the bus back to Beijing, everyone wore out. 

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