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The Mundane

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on January 20, 2008

So…it’s been near a week’s time since you’ve been updated.  In this time, we’ve been trying to get a bit more rest, now that we have sort of a hiatus from all of our wonderful house guests!  It was so fabulous having family here to visit; it was also exhausting!  We are experiencing somewhat of a ‘funk’ (as Jason likes to refer to it) without family around, but it’s good that we can now try to invest more in relationships locally in Hong Kong–with both other expats and nationals alike. 

Let’s see what we’ve done since you were last informed….—Ezri’s one-year doctor’s appointment at the local public clinic (detailed in the latest ‘Ezri Excerpt’), a couple of really nice walks here in our area, trying a new recipe (Taco Soup)–fabulous, I might mention–tasting some spectacular Thai curry and spring rolls (Ezri included–loves curry), getting back to our weekly playgroup, …suppose that is about it.  Mostly mundane, but nice, all the same.  It’s tough trying to get Ezri back on to some sort of schedule after having lots of flux and flex, so, needless to say, her naps have been frustrating at best–but we’ll get there.  Other than that (and she and I both having some sort of sinus/cold thing) everything seems well with us.

I guess it would be good to mention here something that God is teaching me lately.  It seems that he keeps pointing me to faith and trust.  I mean, obviously, he desires for us to trust him, and our faith in him and his sacrifice on our behalf –(even while we were still sinners–Christ died for the ungodly) — is the basis of our salvation through and in him.  Without such faith (in the one true God) we have no hope.  With such faith and trust in Christ as our perfect sacrifice, we have all hope–hope in eternity….hope in a life lived with God…we have peace with God through Christ!  Amen, right?!!!  I mean, how amazing is that?  It is really unfathomable.  So, God is trying to grow my faith in him.  He has answered some of the most seemingly insignificant prayers–allowing Ezri to finally fall asleep for a nap after crying for some time; allowing my lost purse–along with local i.d. card and 3 passports–to be found in the airport parking lot and turned in to ‘lost and found’; giving me grace to respond in kindness when others may not treat me with kindness————He has and is growing my faith through specifically answering these and more prayers.  I see him at work.  The author of Romans (in the Bible) recounts the story of Abraham’s faith and how, because of his faith, God credited to him righteousness.  It was not something Abraham did to fulfill God’s demand of righteousness (i.e. perfection), but because of his faith that he was credited as righteous in the eyes of God.  This is important to us, because it is a model for all those who came after Abraham (including us today) that we do not gain credibility or standing before God by what we do, but by our faith in him and in the sacrifice of his son, Jesus to be sufficient for us—to have peace with and communion with the holy God of the universe!  WOW!  We have the opportunity to be in relationship with the creator of the universe!  Amazing.

Okay, enough long-windedness… Know that we love each of you family and friends out there.  Heck, we love all you innocent souls who’ve mistakenly stumbled upon our blog as well!  May God bless and keep each of you!

Mel, for the Cases

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