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Javi Highlights for March

Posted in JAVI's Highlights by jpcase01 on March 9, 2008

This is our latest update on Javi.  Things seem to be going very well.  We’ve also received pre-approval (see below).  We’re still a few months away since we have to redo some paperwork, but we’re hoping things wrap up by the end of May! 

DOB: 8/20/2007; Weight: 12lbs oz; Height:  22.5”; Head size: 16”; Foot :  3”

Cristian is doing really well.  He is healthy and growing.  Normally a happy baby but wasn’t too happy with the picture taking.  He is eating well.  They have him on a little bit of cereal in the morning and night and he eats that pretty well. 

Name of child / Nombre del menor:      Cristian Javier Cruz Mateo

  A pre-approval was issued for the above-listed adoption case. You may pick up this pre-approval at Window #10 at your earliest convenience. You must bring a copy of this notification.  Reminder: Adopting parents should not travel to Guatemala prior to issuance of the pink slip by the Consular Section, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Travel before pink slip   issuance will not be considered an emergency and final documents will be processed as usual.  This office will not be giving priority to other cases over those who have complied with this requirement. The Consular Section has implemented an Appointment System for the Immigrant Visa. Please do not travel until you have received your appointment date and time.


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