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Look Who’s coloring!

Posted in Exhilarating EZRI Excerpts by jpcase01 on March 14, 2008

 So, I’ve recently become an artist–tapping into the area of visual arts–emphasis on crayons and the art of coloring!!  What fun it is to take colorful waxy objects–you got it: crayons–and color to your heart’s content!  So far, I enjoy using two different colors at once–one for each hand.  This way, I get to learn two different colors and both my hands stay happily busy!  Mommy has drawn me a couple of my favorite book characters:  namely, Millie Moo (from her farm yard adventure), Young Pip the caterpiller (from When I’m Big) and Applebee Cat (from Applebee’s Numbers).  What fun to sit and color characters while listening to my fav. stories!  My current coloring attention-span is around 20 min. max; we’re hoping to build on this.

 Anyway, what more on me?  Well, it is getting warm here in HK, so I am beginning to enjoy short-sleeves, skorts, and my new sandels.  It’s nice not to wear all those winter clothes–you can have too much of a good thing!  And, with the warmer weather comes two things:  playground fun and sickness.  One of these, I am super-keen on, while the other I could do without!  Seems HK kiddos are getting hit hard with the flu, and though I’ve not had the flu, I’ve been super-congested, had a mild ear infection, and unfortunately experienced my first bout of something that rhymes with ‘comit’ the other day (you guessed it–vomit!—yucky!)  But alas, I am doing fine.  Mommy has a full-time job just keeping my nose wiped, but I am learning how to blow my nose a bit more effectively, so that is helpful, I’m sure.

What more?  Oh, yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that my brother, Javier is growing steadily.  He is so sweet; we look at his pictures often, and today when mommy said something about, “Javi…Ezri’s brother…”  I went straight over and pointed out his picture and proudly said, “baby!” and smiled!  I think that once I get over the shock of sharing mom and dad, the Javster and I will be great friends!  I can’t wait to teach him about puzzles and blocks….playing songs on the piano, coloring…riding on the train and the bus…oh, and my favorite: pushing the buttons on the elevator!–and free cookie samples at Mrs. Field’s cookie shop!

Well, that’s all for me.  Keep an eye out for  a clip or two–coming soon!

Now 15 months old,


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  1. Bridget potter said, on March 19, 2008 at 11:13 am

    Hi Case family.
    That was so cute!!! Very clever writing. That is so exciting you will have your little boy soon. Ezri will enjoy him so much. Keep up the blog I enjoy reading it. Take care Potters.

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