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Latest from our adoption agency…

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on May 11, 2008

The officials are starting to review cases and we just heard this from our agency:

Hello Everyone…

Sorry I didn’t get an email out yesterday…had alot going on after I got home from work.

We did speak to Ana and she said that the interviews went well. All 3 birth mothers showed up for the appointments and then they asked them some questions…and everything went fine according to Ana.

We still don’t know the outcome though…we were just encouraged to find out that they made it through the interview and it didn’t seem to bad.

Our attorney will be giving us more of an update when he gets back to his office on Monday to let us know his thoughts and give any news that he has.

We will keep you posted, but we were encouraged yesterday…but we won’t be fully relieved until we see these cases come out approved..and know that all of your children will be coming home soon.

Please continue to pray for this whole situation…as this is all we can do in this time, when we have to rely on the courts.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Felis Patlan, Special Delivery International


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