Case Family in Hong Kong

Scary Leopard

Posted in Exhilarating EZRI Excerpts by jpcase01 on May 16, 2008

Well, you’ve been hearing a lot about my brother, Javi….and I suppose you are up-to-date. We haven’t heard anything more, but continue to pray that God will facilitate on each child’s case and that the babies will be placed in the homes and hands God has prepared for them very soon!

On other matters, you’ll see on the video above that I have a very loud and scary roar!!! This clip was taken about a month I am bigger now–I’m growing quite quickly! But mostly I’m still Ezri and mostly the same. Some new things going on with me include a greater interest in my Cabbage Patch baby doll that my Granny gave me for my first birthday. (This requires a bit of explanation: on the adoption papers that came with my baby, her name is listed as Kaitlyn Sherlyn….then there was the introduction of Elmo into my little life…and well, Elmo has a “Baby David” in his amazing potty book….. So, daddy and I decided to chuck Baby Kaitlyn’s hair bow, and, since I hadn’t yet identified her as a girl anyway,…we decided that she should also be Baby David!!! So, her cute outfit is no more, and Baby David now proudly wears a blue sleeper outfit, and occasionally likes wearing only his diaper!) What more?….Let’s see…Ah, yes: our swimming pool opened today, and mommy and I went to check it out. It was quite a fun time and I only went under once (sort of an accident; sort of on purpose. I wasn’t exactly sure what would happen if I bent down…well I found out and mommy scooped me up to safety, dried me off and we went back at it! There was another baby there too..and he had a small beach ball with an even smaller ball inside it; he shared with me and that was pretty fun. Maybe mommy can find one of those for me and Javi!

Well, I don’t want to get too long-winded here. Hope you enjoy the video, and I’ll soon be posting an entry called “Livin’ Large”….featuring me in mommy’s clothes!



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