Case Family in Hong Kong

On us…

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on August 9, 2008

So, we have basically been waiting on the adoption….and government officials, in hopes that they would go ahead and sign off on our adoption and allow us to go pick Javi up before we leave for HK. Now, we are near positive that this is not going to happen. We will go back to HK on August 20 (incidentally Javi’s 1st birthday) and have an update completed there. The CIS there will then be handling our case (we hope) and hopefully things will go very smoothly from there. This is bitter-sweet news. We are glad that someone is finally (prayerfully/hopefully) taking jurisdiction and responsibility for our case. We are disappointed that we will not be taking Javi home with us—the initial reason for our visit to the states for an extended time being to pick him up. —— deep breath————

So, we are pretty much heart-broken over missing our son’s first birthday. We’re preparing a b-day package and sending it this week, but it just doesn’t quite cut it, ya know? Perhaps we’ll celebrate it when we do eventually get him home with us. Anyway, please pray that God will give us strength, energy, and perseverance as we go back home. Please also pray that he will just keep us going during this difficult time.


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