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Javi at Eagle’s Nest – Melanie arrive

Posted in JAVI's Highlights by jpcase01 on September 2, 2008

A long-awaited trip to Guatemala!!  It was so fabulous to go and visit Javi’s orphanage.  I flew into Guatemala City around noon on a Saturday, and was able to go out to Eagle’s Nest (Javi’s orphanage…located in Solola) that evening.  Arriving around 5:30pm or so, after 2-3 hour trip in a bumpy shuttle bus, I found myself suddenly more awake as we neared the children’s home.  I began thinking, “Oh my goodness…I am really finally about to meet our son…for the first time ever!”  It seemed so surreal….Javi was referred to us at the age of 2 weeks….and ever since, he had been (virtually) part of our family…but obviously not physically here with us.  He was in our conversation, our prayers, our dreams…but not in our arms—————but in those bumpy moments before meeting him, all this reality passed through my heart and mind, and the weightiness of this event began to set in.  I had just traveled for two complete days….from Hong Kong….to Korea…to Chicago…spent the night getting some final documents notarized and a few hours in a Chicago hotel….gotten on a plane to Houston….to Guatemala….and now I was finally going to come face to face with the little man we’d loved in our hearts for one complete year….yet never touched with our own hands!!!!  Amazing!

I got emotional at this point (which any of you who know me could have guessed, right!)  We were there before we knew it, and I helped get some things out of the car to take into the children’s home (as I’d ridden there with the people who manage the home).  The front door opened up into the office, which in turn opened right into the large area where the kiddos play, eat, watch videos, etc.  When I walked in and put my things down, Ana said, “Pase adelante…a ver al nene.” (Come/go in…to see your baby.)…And there he was…his main care giver, Flory, was holding him and had brought him up to see me.  She handed him to me….I mean, of course I was just overwhelmed with joy…those of you who have children know that those first precious moments…hours…days and maybe even weeks you often cannot look upon your child without overflowing with joy (which for me involves concurrent tears!)…it is just an amazing thing to be given the opportunity and privilege to parent.  God is good.  He is really good.

After holding him a few minutes, I went over to a carpeted area where the kids were all sitting or playing (some in bouncy seats, others in ‘bumbo chairs’, still others in walkers or just on the carpet) and watching a video.  I let Javi down to play with the other kids, and, after a few minutes of play, he bopped his head quite hard (on accident, of course) on the floor–ouch!!  He was screaming!  I picked him up to comfort him, and went over to a rocking chair to rock him.  Within a few minutes, he fell fast asleep on my chest.  How amazing!!!! (In hignsight, this head-bop was a disguised blessing that allowed us to bond right off….if that doesn’t sound too wierd!)

That is an explanation–in brief–of our first meeting.


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