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Posted in Exhilarating EZRI Excerpts by jpcase01 on September 21, 2008

Well, this is Ezri.  I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been quite a busy bee these days, what with my new brother around and all!!!  Javi is pretty great.  When I awaken, I like to say, “Hi morning, Javi!”–that’s sort of my morning greeting.  He likes it, I’m sure.  And, other than sometimes being tempted to push him or remove his hands from the window ledge he uses to stand with….we’re pretty good pals.

So, the big news I’m talking about today is my new ‘big girl’ bed!!!  It is amazing!  Just 3 nights ago, as mommy was reading me some bedtime stories (Stinky Face to be exact), I decided I’d lay down on my toddler bed and cover up.  That is always the spot where we read books and such before bedtime.  Anyway, mommy asked, “Would you like to sleep in your ‘big girl’ bed tonight?”  I replied, “Mmm hmm.” (read: yes)  Then mommy proceeded to put on some new sheets that my granny Case made me; she made me Veggie Tales sheets, Elmo sheets and Hello Kitty sheets.  In case you’re unaware, these are three of my favorites! (Thanks Granny!!)  So, the last three nights, and for a nap each day, I’ve been sleeping in my new bed!  It is quite freeing—why just last night–at around 4:00am– mommy found me out in the sea of my floor, ‘floating’ on a large pillow (that she’d placed beside my bed in case I fell out)!!!  She gently placed me back with my head at the headboard and I never really awoke…until 6:00am.  This is my new ‘waking time’.  I’ve decided that since I’m now a big girl…and no longer confined to my crib…that perhaps I can have the freedom to get up in the wee hours of the morning….why not?! — More time in the day spent awake equals more fun, right?!!!

Well, I won’t keep you folks.  Just wanted to update you on the exciting and exhilarating life of Ezri!!….stay posted for some fun footage and photos of my brother, Javi’s 1st birthday celebration!

See ya later, alligator (a favorite adage!), Ezri

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  1. nathan said, on September 22, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Great – Good to see Ez is hittin’ it off with her little bro. Love you guys, and can’t wait to hear more about my nephew.


  2. Bridget said, on September 23, 2008 at 8:25 am

    Sooo glad to see her loving her big girl bed, she’s just growing up too fast. Gaga loves you hopes to see you soon

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