Case Family in Hong Kong

Trip to Clearwater Bay Beach on National Day

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on October 3, 2008

October 1st is China’s National Day which seems to be similar to our Independence Day (maybe President’s Day), I’m not sure but it was a holiday so we decided it was time for Javi’s first trip to the beach.  We decided on Clearwater Bay 2nd Beach since it’s only about 20 minutes away from Hang Hau.  We like Shek O Beach better but it’s twice the distance.  Anyway if you’re heading there from Hang Hau , it’s best to go to the Po Lam station (by MTR) and take minibus no. 16 or walk to Tseung Kwan O Hospital and take minibus 103 or 103M.  Or you can take a minibus from Hang Hau MTR (MiniBus 11M or 101M) up to the roundabout at Hang Hau Rd and take Bus No. 91 from there or any of the minibuses that come through.  But anyway, the reason for my detailed explanation for transport is that we had a bit of trouble catching the bus out there.  We finally made out there and Ezri and Javi had a good old time, the most difficult thing was keeping Javi from eating the sand and Ezri from crawling on the rocks.  It was quite packed but we got a nice spot right down by the water as I’m sure you can see.  I think this marked our 2nd trip as a family unit (without Karen) since Javi has been added to the family and I think it was a success!  By the way, I’m going to start posting video clips on facebook if you’re interested.  It’s much easier to post clips there than on the blog so check them out.

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