Case Family in Hong Kong

National Day at Deep Water Bay Beach

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs by jpcase01 on October 8, 2010

As much needed reprieve for our family as our trip to Disney was, the 1st day of October there is another holiday.  I convinced that the holiday would be much better spent at the beach than tripping over the 30 kids she would be responsible for on Sunday morning.  Thankfully she agreed to accompany us to the beach and we had a great time.  To get to Deep Water Bay beach from Kennedy Town you can take the 68 minibus to Cyberport and then the 73 from Cyberport towards Repulse Bay.  It’s a really long trip though, we had better luck going through Central on the way back.  Javi loves to swim, the boy has no fear (actually he does, but not of water).  He always wants to swim to the docks out in the deep water.  The water was so calm I decided to try to take him out there.  He grabbed on to my waist and we made it.  Then he wanted to swim to the other dock, so we did.  By that time, I needed a good rest before heading back to shore.  Mel took some clips but couldn’t figure out how to use the zoom, so you can’t make us out.  Maybe next time I can get some documentation.  Needless to say, he(we) slept well that night.


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  1. Karen drake said, on October 8, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Tell Ezri that Pappy and Gaga will be happy to go with her to the beach!

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