Case Family in Hong Kong

Javi Starts Taekwondo

Posted in JAVI's Highlights by jpcase01 on October 9, 2010

So Melanie enrolled Javi in taekwondo, something she must have mentioned while my attention was elsewhere because I can’t believe I ever agreed to this.  As bad as these clips might look he seems to really be interested in it during the week, so we’re planning to give him a few more weeks before we take any drastic measure (like dropping the class).  Anyway he gets super nervous when we drop him off and has cried both weeks.  I wanted to see a bit more about the class so Ezri and I came back to pick him up a bit early and it looks like he may have gotten timeout for not listening, but who knows really.  Melanie is planning to take him next week so maybe he won’t get upset, and she’s going to ask to sit in and observe.  Mel and I agreed that we would not do more than 1 program and only if the child asked, but with Ezri starting ballet she feels like she has to keep it even (has to be something from her past) so know she’s turning Javi into a ninja warrior.  Anyway, I see drum lessons and soccer in Javi’s future, he’s a lover not a fighter.   Check in tomorrow to see what Ezri and I did while Javi was at class.


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