Case Family in Hong Kong

Ezri, Bubbles, Park

Posted in Exhilarating EZRI Excerpts by jpcase01 on October 10, 2010

My sweet Ezri is a homebody (I think she get’s that from the Case side).  While Javi constantly asks to go to the park or to go the pool or to go to Disneyland.  Ezri constantly asks to watch a video (also Case side).  Last week after I dropped Javi off, I was hoping that would give Ez and I at least a solid 45 minutes of daddy-daughter time.  I took her to some seats by the harbor, a beautiful view, where she proceeded to tell me she was ready to go home (presumably to watch a video).  Thank God for Melanie’s insight to the matter.  Mel’s suggestion was a bit of shopping, then maybe some bubbles at the park.  So Ezri got a gun (a bubble gun) and Mel is once again proved a sage.  You might notice in the videos Ez is initially happy about her bubble gun, then proceeds to get upset about the kids touching her bubbles (crabbiness definitely the Case side), then she proceed to stand up on the bench so that a majority of the bubbles would be untouchable.  At least she enjoyed herself and it made a nice shot.  Now all I have to do is get her to share her bubble gun with Javi (or buy Javi one) and another potential Case catastrophe will be narrowly averted.


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  1. Karen drake said, on October 10, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Thats great that you and Ez had some special time! Looks like she had fun! Nice park.

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