Case Family in Hong Kong

Pray for the Case Family in 2012

Posted in Prayer Letters by jpcase01 on January 9, 2012

THE CASE FAMILY…still living in Hong Kong

We are a family of five:  Jason, Melanie, Ezri, Javi and George.

Jason has a background in engineering and business and spent three years as a PhD student in Management of Organizations at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  Jason is now working in the Facility Services industry serving 28 posts all across Asia that allows him to travel, visit and influence people from India to Japan. Pray for God’s blessing on Jason at his work that he be a positive influence in the way he works and serves his co-workers.  Pray we stay open to the possibility that God will move our family through Jason’s work.

Melanie has a background in anthropology and theology and is currently the Children’s Director at Watermark Community Church.  Pray for Melanie as a mother and children’s leader that she’s able to balance family and work and that her vision and leading of the children’s ministry is blessed of God and that she leaves the ministry well cared for if God calls us elsewhere.

Ezri Mabel has just turned 5 and loves the princesses and playing with her friends!  Please pray for Ezri to grow in her faith in God and the knowledge of her own sinfulness, please pray that God prepare her heart if he call us to move out of Kennedy Town (where we currently live).

Javi is 4 1/2 and loves to go, go, go, he loves all types of transportation and is becoming quite an outdoorsman!  Pray that Javi find some other boys outside of school to grow in friendship with.  Pray for Javi this year as he becomes more aware of his adoption and pray that he will know that he is loved beyond measure by our family.

Baby George joined us October 27, 2011 and is growing in size and stature.  Pray for George’s health and care this year as Melanie tries to figure out quickly how to mother a newborn and lead a children’s ministry.

We’re currently part of Watermark Community Church that meets regularly in Cyberport, Hong Kong.  Please pray that God continue to bless our church and that Watermark continue to bless Hong Kong, particularly West Hong Kong.  Pray that God raise up new leaders in 2012.

In 2012, we plan to begin the adoption process of a baby girl (or sibling set ) from Uganda.  Please pray that God provide someone to conduct a home study here in Hong Kong.  Pray that God allow us to complete the adoption process within 18 months and that he bless us with a baby girl (or sibling set). Please pray that God allow us to raise enough funding in that we all can travel to Uganda to complete the adoption process.

We’re part of a core group preparing for a church plant about an hour away in Shatin, that will be named New City Church.  Pray for funding and partnerships for the new church plant.  Pray for the leadership team, that God bring Asian leaders that can play an equal part.  Pray that New City can balance a desire to be missional, reformed and outward focused with the primary objective of worshiping, glorifying God and enjoying him forever.

We’re about church planting and living out the Gospel in our daily lives in a way that draws people to Christ through our love and worship of him.  We would appreciate prayer for the upcoming year that God will open doors and move us in directions that will allow us to glorify him to the greatest extent and shuts the doors that won’t.

Enjoy Grace in 2012,

Jason, Melanie, Ezri, Javi and George

November 2011

November 2009

April 2007


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