Case Family in Hong Kong

Case Family Christmas 2011

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs, Tantalizing Travel by jpcase01 on January 15, 2012

I arrived on the evening of the 24th and the whirlwind tour ensued for the next week.  Here are some pics from the 1st 24 hours, Christmas with the Case family…

The kiddos help with my bags.

I really think Javi wanted to jump on a ride.

The Case family living room, the madness is about to ensue…

The madness begins, Gaga Case right in the middle…

Ezri thinks Buster wants to join the party, Papaw give that dog a bone!

Mel holding Baby George with Ez and Javi in the background.

Ezri opens the outfit Gaga Case handmade for her and loves it!

Mel and Baby George with Papaw Case looking down.

Unwrapping is finished, play time is about to begin.

Thanks Playmobil, could you add just a few more small parts that my baby son will potentially choke on?

Doc Kylee and Jailbird Javi at Christmas breakfast

Annie chilling with Baby George about ready to listen to his heartbeat.


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