Case Family in Hong Kong

Case Kids Field Trip – Kadoorie Farms and Kam Tin Country Club

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs, Exhilarating EZRI Excerpts, JAVI's Highlights by jpcase01 on December 13, 2012

Keeping with our theme of thoroughly Asian adventures as of late, Ezri and Javi had a school field trip on Sunday (yes on Sunday) so we played hookie from church and attended.  In the morning we went to Kadoorie farms, then we had lunch at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and then we headed to Kam Tin gardens to cap off the day.  Kadoorie farms was great!  Kadoorie Farm spreads over 148 hectares of land and is located on the northern slopes and foothills of Hong Kong’s highest mountain – Tai Mo Shan. Its deep-set valley has streams, woodlands and vegetable terraces – together with conservation and education facilities.  Kam Tin seemed kind of like a county fair Chinese style and would have been much better had we known to bring some cash and if we were prepared to pick some strawberries, but now we know for next time.


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