Case Family in Hong Kong

A Journey into Foster Care, Pray for the Cases

Posted in Daily Life Blurbs, Prayer Letters by jpcase01 on February 20, 2013

So we’ve been praying for God to give us new opportunities to serve him and glorify him.  In my mind I’m thinking of new business opportunities or new church planting opportunities but God answered by placing an opportunity to care for a special needs baby before us.  A need worked its way through the grape vine that Christian Action, a Hong Kong non-profit org was seeking a family in our area to care for Xiao Qun, the sweet baby girl you see below.  Xiao Qun has a condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC) and the earlier she can have surgery, of which a hospital in our area can perform, the better chance she stands of being able to use her limbs as she gets older.  We contacted the social worker and told her we were available to take care of the baby until we need to go to Africa to pick up our “new two” (hopefully in April sometime).  As evidenced below the social worker agreed.


  1. Xiao Qun is scheduled to have surgery on Friday and a casting process on her limbs which will start a 6 month rehabilitation process to stretch her ligaments with the hope that she will be able to use her limbs as she gets older.  The doctors are confident she’ll be able to walk someday.  Pray for a successful surgery and that God works a miracle and allows Xiao Qun to be able to use her legs and arms.
  2. We can only care for her until the time we are told we can travel to Africa to pick up our “new two”.  A few families in our network have stepped forward, please pray we find the right family in which to transition Xiao Qun for the remainder of her rehab or at least while we travel and have time to transition our new two into the family.
  3. Pray for our family emotionally.  Ezri is already becoming quite attached as you can see.  George is doing well but still a bit iffy about sharing mommy.  We will have to leave our kids for at least two to three weeks when we travel to Africa (1st time apart).  Then we will be working through the bonding process and transition process of bring two – 2 year olds into our family and all that entails.

“If I look at the mass, I will never act.  If I look at the one, I will.” – Mother Teresa

“Fulfillment is on the far side of sustained unselfish service, not the near side.” – Tim Keller


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