Case Family in Hong Kong

Pray for the Cases: the Kids

Ezri and Javi are nearing the end of their school year.  They will finish up 2 weeks into July.  Ezri is graduating from Kindergarten and will be beginning primary 1 in a local school in September!  Please pray for this to be a smooth transition to all-day school and, in a local system.  She will be studying in a school that, although local, is supposed to conduct about ½ of content in English language, and the remaining course work in Chinese.  We will be looking for a Chinese tutor to help Ezri with her studies; please pray for just the right person for this!

Both Ez and Javi continue to amaze us in their acquisition of Chinese language; we pray that God will continue to give her strength and confidence as she enters P1!  We pray for Javi as he will stay on for one final year of Kindy.  This will be his first year apart from his sister—different schools, that is. Please pray for this to be a good transition and that both kids will continue to acquire spoken and written Chinese and for caring teachers and good friends for each!  Pray for Javi as he is nearing the age to where he is gaining some understanding of what it means to have been adopted and is asking some tough questions.

George is as happy as ever!  He is such a joy and is a little ball of energy!  At 19 months, he is weighing in at 11.7 kilos and is about 87 cm tall!  He loves balls, dogs and cars—or anything with wheels for that matter!  Pray for E and H, our kids in Africa, that they are safe, well cared for and excited about getting a forever family.  Pray for their transition into our family, that it’s a smooth process for all of us and that we can find out our travel dates soon (like next week).  Miscellaneous pics from the past month:


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  1. Aunt Gwenda said, on July 7, 2013 at 2:37 am

    You all are in my prayers all the time, but with so many changes coming up, I will be specific in my requests. I long to see and hold your sweet babies, and see you and Mel. My heart swells to overflowing when I see you all and speak to everyone. Give everyone hugs and kisses!!!!!!!1

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