Case Family in Hong Kong

The Keep Cafe; Jinja, Uganda

Posted in Tantalizing Travel by jpcase01 on October 25, 2013

Even though we read good things about it online it still took almost a week for us to check out “The Keep”.  Man are we glad we did,  their food is excellent, I really like the Philly Cheese-steak with vegetables.  Mel has had the Gyro and Chicken Noodle and really enjoyed both.  They have the best milkshakes in Jinja by far, Mel suggests the Oreo shake with a shot of espresso.  They have a great black coffee.  They have an internet cafe and some crafts but I’ve really never seen anyone in the internet cafe.  Their service is also excellent probably the best of the cafes we visited during our time in Jinja, unusual castle decor.  It’s a bit off the main strip but not much.  The Keep is closed on Sundays.  We visited there 5 times over the span of 2 weeks.  Mel suggests the African Tea if you like chai or milk tea. You can expect to spend $15-20 USD for 2 people for food and drinks.




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