Case Family in Hong Kong

Flavours Cafe; Jinja Uganda

Posted in Tantalizing Travel by jpcase01 on October 26, 2013

Flavours is a Dutch-owned cafe on main street.  Flavours is the only cafe that we know of in Jinja that offers free wifi, however they charge a bit more for their food to make up for this.  Flavours has a great dining area in the back but you can’t get the wireless back there.  Also know they have a cat back there if your kids are afraid of them probably best to not go back there.  Mel likes their cafe latte the best of all the cafes in Jinja.  I had the beef kabobs, the avocado and grilled vegetables with feta, all excellent.  They have a larger food selection than the Source, but not as much variety as The Keep.  Flavours is the only western cafe that we know of open on Sundays.  They also have breads and baked goods.  We’ve had 5 meals there over 2 weeks and just as many coffees.  They also have a basket of toys you can ask for; for kids to play with.  The cold chocolate and snicker doodle muffin seem to be pretty big hits as well.

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