Case Family in Hong Kong

American Style Chinese Food at Ling Ling; Jinja, Uganda

Posted in Tantalizing Travel by jpcase01 on October 27, 2013

If you’re in Jinja, Uganda and get a hankering for some American style Chinese food you should head over to Ling Ling.  We ate there each Sunday.  We ordered ahead of time as it still took quite long for the food to come out each time.  Ling Ling has an outside eating area along with a spacious indoor seating area with Asian decor.  The warm moist towels are a nice touch that are brought out before the meal is served.  The fried egg rolls are quite popular.  I also tasted the gongbao pork, sweet & sour pork, the green beans, the curry chicken, the chicken in black bean sauce; all well done.  Mel enjoyed the Jasmine tea.  Ling Ling is a fine place to eat on Sunday evenings.  The service is good and the owner is a Christian.  On this particular evening we took some pictures with the orphanage Director, Dutch volunteers and another family finishing an adoption. You can plan to spend $15-20 USD for 2 people.

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