Case Family in Hong Kong

Wrapping Up Loose Ends; Jason’s Final Days

Posted in ETHAN's Escapades, HELLEN's High Notes, Tantalizing Travel by jpcase01 on November 8, 2013

They say that geckos are good luck here, but we saw 5 of them the night before we found out we were not able to get the passports in time for all of us to fly back together so I’m not buying it.  During my last few days we discovered that Welcome Home has a bike and some double strollers that the kids absolutely adore.  We thought the carriers were nice until we started using the strollers.  The strollers are the way to go, especially if your kids are older.  We also picked up Mel’s painting and got a photo with the artist.  We asked for an adaptation of the local painting of an African mom with a baby on her back.  I think he did a great job but I was really thinking we should of had him draw a few buildings from Hong Kong in the background instead of some African huts; I think we started a new revenue stream for the artist.  The kids also started napping and sleeping the night with us.  The 1st few days were rough but today we played some lullabies for nap and the kids settled immediately.  I hope it works again tonight.  We also snapped some photos of the kids and Momma Barbara, their primary caregiver at Welcome Home.


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