Case Family in Hong Kong

Watching Planes & Hanging at Pappy Wayne’s

One of the first things Mel and kids did in Muhlenberg County was to go see the Planes 2 movie and of course very soon after make sure the kids learned the ways of DQ.  As a result of all the sugar they quickly decided to have a pappy pile on where pappy turned the corners and ended up playing Ezri air guitar.  Ethan decided to join pappy’s band by accompanying on piano.  Wore out from all the fun the guys retired to hammock that was hung especially for Mel and the kids.  Pappy Wayne then tried to influence to the “dark” side by wearing his Kentucky hat around the Case kids – GO CARDS!  (note to self – buy Wayne a Louisville hat 😉 ).  Mel then asks for volunteers on who would like to stand on the stump seat and fall off shortly thereafter – George wins.


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  1. Aunt Gwenda said, on August 13, 2014 at 7:12 am

    I’m already having withdrawals, and you haven’t even started back yet. It’s been great spending some time with Mel and the younguns. Sure have missed you being with them.

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