Case Family in Hong Kong

Pray for the Cases – Two Big Monkeys

Posted in Prayer Letters by jpcase01 on August 20, 2014

God willing we have the opportunity to get two big monkeys off our backs this week.

First big monkey is that we have a court date tomorrow morning here in Louisville at 10:30am EST to “adopt” Ethan & Hellen.  This is huge news for us!  For those of you who don’t know all the details, we are currently legal guardians for Ethan & Hellen which has caused us difficulties in getting them dependent visas in Hong Kong.  Basically HK immigration has said they will not be allowed back in without an adoption decree.  2nd, this allows us to be able to avoid going back to Uganda to finalize the adoption, which could of potentially opened us up to a myriad of other difficulties.

Second big monkey is that we have a meeting with US immigration on Thursday morning at 8:45am to finalize Javi’s US citizenship.  We’ve been working on this for over 2 years now and the plan had been to go to Hawaii to do the finalization interview, but as happy as I was to take one for the team and take a trip to Hawaii and catch up with my family there, we were able to get the finalization interview scheduled during our time here.  The implications of this should go unsaid with Javi able to get a US passport after this is completed and become a full fledged citizen of the United States, which will help for University education opportunities should he decide he wants to study here.

Lesser things we could use prayer for are the kids transition back to Hong Kong and going back to school.  Javi starts primary school and Ethan & Hellen will start pre-school.  Fun times!

Thanks so much for your prayers!  Our God is good, praise Jesus.

Jason, Melanie, Ezri, Javi, Ethan, Hellen & George



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