Case Family in Hong Kong

G turns 6, Happy Birthday George!!!

Posted in Gorgeous GEORGE by jpcase01 on November 6, 2017

George turned 6 on the 27th, I’ve not had anytime to post photos until now. (bad dad 🙂 )


Case Kids Do Sidewalk Chalk – June 2017

Mel broke out the sidewalk chalk for the kids, they had a blast after they got over their concern it would be graffiti and they could get in trouble (its washable!).

George’s School Photos (2of2)

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George’s School Photos (1of2)

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So we realised last week that the kids’ school had been sending home CD-roms with photos of the kids and their classmates.  We have loved going through them and letting the kids caption them and tell us about their friends.

Case Kids Soccer & Rugby

Some photos of Ezri at soccer practice at Kowloon Cricket Club and of the other Case kids at the Valley Fort Rugby Festival in Sandy Bay.  Ezri tries her first pixy stick.

Case Miscellaneous – Feb, Mar 2017

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Photos of Koa, he’s been spending a lot more time on his belly lately.  A few of Hellen with blue hair, she was loving that and one of Ezri sewing on her new Girl Scout badges.

Final CNY 2017 Post

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Photos of the kids’ school party.  Lion visits work.

Cases Head to Discovery Bay, Auberge – Feb. 2017

Headed out to DB for a few nights, went to DB beach playground at the South Plaza one day, kids in the playroom, kids enjoying the bubble bath.

Tai Po Rugby Festival at King’s Park – Jan 2017

Photos from the kids’ rugby festival in King’s Park.

Star Wars, Santa and Ice Skating – Dec. 2016

I know Javi had a good day Saturday because even I thought it was a blast.  Rogue One first thing in the morning, family photo with Santa then on to ice skating!!!  We all slept good that night :-).